About Us

Founded in 2016 by designer Casey Lamb, in Vancouver, KSLAM is a unique fashion brand dedicated to reinvention & sustainability. Since its launch, KSLAM has focused on making made to fit clothing for individuals who are colorful, confident, and free.

Lamb visualizes her designs through pre-existing pieces to create one of a kind concepts. The designer visualizes pieces that cannot be found anywhere else, even directly at the source. KSLAM aims to focus on small quantities even among the collections, which she finds creates a distinct connection between us and the customer. Her approach to made to fit fashion ensures a flawless fit, taking away the uncertainty that fast fashion creates.

KSLAM aims to dismantle traditional femininity by creating pieces from materials that are not inherently feminine. By adopting more masculine silhouettes, her work is eye-catching and androgynous. The ever-changing trends in fashion continue to be a reference for the brand, as it melds both vintage & modern aesthetics.

Currently being seen in both local & global media, KSLAM will continue to outgrow its western roots, while maintaining its passion for individuals and ethical clothing.