About SS 20'

The question “What Are You?”, is asked when individuals don’t fit into a normalized category. In this collection, designer Casey Lamb, wanted to dismantle this question. Her latest collection explores the androgyny of 90s and 2000s business wear, by reworking materials that have never been seen in this capacity. By taking pieces that were inherently masculine, she hoped to change the narrative around traditional business wear. Ties have been at the forefront of men’s business wear and masculinity for decades. As we continue to move away from gendered fashion, she wanted to make a collection that challenged heteronormative dressing, by using ties in a way that was more adaptable and flexible, when incorporating in everyday clothing. These pieces are meant to give power to individuals, who choose to wear them, giving them the confidence to express Who they are, rather than What.

The imagery hopes to transcend modern aesthetics by creating concepts that can’t be identified, allowing the viewers mind to wander and come to whatever conclusion they like. Each collection is made with sustainability in mind. This collection was hand made, using reworked designer ties, keyboard keys, with only a few metres of fabric and chain. Its significant to us to the designer that we continue to have the smallest impact we can on the environment, by using materials that are already present.