Its a New Wave..

KSLAM stands for those who can't be put into a category. Caught between moments in time, we are those who are androgynous, unique, independent, and everything in between. People are the reason the designs come to life. The people who wear kslam allow the pieces to express different narratives & stories, with simply no words. Born in to the wrong era, the people who wear KSLAM, bring something fresh to the time we currently live in. We combine aspects of different decades, to create our own style and what we believe fashion should look like. We might as well be in 2 places at once.

After a year of reworking vintage denim, our first collection has officially come to an end. Now, on to the next.

It's a new wave. The latest collection is taking your reworked favorites, and mixing it with pop-culture trends. This mix in genre's is based on the music & art style of 2010's Vapor Wave.

Vapor Wave is a micro genre of music and internet memes, that became popular across different sites in the early 2010's. It originated through popular music, often using 80's tracks that were cropped, chopped and looped. It was used as a satirical expression to critique modern consumerism, and popular culture. The artistic aesthetic combined geometric shapes with neon colors, with a love for the west coast and Japanese culture. After brief exposure, it became forgotten by the internet.

Until Now.

Our newest collection is influenced by the history of the vapor wave aesthetic. Our love for all things 70's & 80's is communicated through the pieces, while incorporating it with today's pop-culture trends and street style. Fusing these decades together, creates a cutting-edge approach to both high fashion and street wear, while still bringing in aspects of both new and used materials. You could call it a revival, but I call it the bona fide KSLAM.